Royal Enfield Himalayan Programmable Racing Ecu by Nmw Racing


NMW Racing OEM parts are renowned for their exceptional reliability, performance, and durability. Crafted with utmost precision, these high-quality components ensure optimal functionality and longevity, meeting the demands of even the most demanding racing enthusiasts. Count on NMW Racing OEM parts to enhance your vehicle’s performance and withstand the rigors of intense racing conditions.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Programmbale Ecu , Comes With Programming Option Through Software We Provide, and 4 Maps Loaded , You Can Change Maps by Click of the Button From Lean to Rich to Match the Engine Performance , Incase if the Engine is Modified to Bigbore Kit or Camshaft , You Need to Program Yourself by Using Our Nmw Ecu Software . Please Note to Set the Rpm Upto 8000, to Keep the Engine Safer at High Rpm .

  • Suitable for Royal  Enfield Himalayan Bs4 and Bs6 Upto 2020 Model (Fi Only)
  • Plug and Play
  • Suitable for Street and Race Purpose
  • Race Proven
  • Adjustable Ecu With Software Provided
  • Can Tune Up to Your Wish With the Help of a Laptop or Desktop
  • Have Complete Acess to All Ecu Programmable Sections
  • Can Make the Engine Timing Advance and Retard
  • Can Set the Rpm Limit ,can Control the  Fuel Flow Etc
  • Specially Developed by Nmw Racing

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